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36" Large format scanners
Select a 36 inch large format scanner that can take up till A0-sizes

When the stakes are high and only the best quality scans will do, the Contex HD Series meets – and usually surpasses – expectations with superior flexibility, image quality, and performance.

To help you scan large or difficult documents with ease, we’ve optimized our hardware and software to make it as user-friendly and efficient as possible. Our HD Series solutions can’t do all the work for you, but they come close.

  • 600 dpi optical res.
  • 9600 dpi max. res.
  • 48-bit color,
    16-bit grayscale
  • 1.0 inch/sec. in
    24-bit RGB color
  • 1.5 inch/sec. in
    8-bit Index color
  • 12.0 inch/sec. in

  • 600 dpi optical res.
  • 9600 dpi max. res.
  • 48-bit color,
    16-bit grayscale
  • 3.0 inch/sec. in
    24-bit RGB color
  • 3.0 inch/sec. in
    8-bit index color
  • 12.0 inch/sec. in

Image Quality Without Compromise
With 600dpi optical resolution, the combination of highly sensitive 4-channel CCD cameras and full-sized high-quality camera lenses, HD3600 scanners provides the best image quality available in wide format scanning. With image processing performed inside the scanner, your PC is free to run software more efficiently.
Speed When You Need
Contex HD3600 wide format scanners are the fastest in the business with up to 12 inch/second scanning speeds. With two unique HD3600 models in four different configurations, choosing the right blend of speed and connectivity for your business is simple.

We also carry a full selection of New, Refurbished & Demo Units of Contex scanners.
These Scanners are direct from the manufacturer with their warranty at the lowest cost to you.

Contex Refurbished Scanners Available Upon Request.

How did we get here? Contex launched in 1923 as a developer of innovative business machines that saved time
and improved business processes. Since then, our products have evolved dramatically – but we’ve never shifted
our focus from efficient, powerful technology. Over the last two decades, we’ve focused on bringing people who
work with large format images second-to-none scanning capabilities. Our customers span over 80 countries
and a wide array of industries, from government and geographic information systems (GIS) to architecture,
engineering and construction (AEC) and copy shops. That’s why we develop scanning solutions that can handle
any documents – even 3D models and patches of grass.

Contex is owned by the equity fund RATOS. This gives us a solid financial foundation and supports our market
-leading R&D, allowing us to invent innovative, user-friendly scanning technology. A copy will always be a copy,
but our solutions help you get as close as you can to a perfect reflection of your world. The results continue
to surprise even the most seasoned scanning professionals.

Our production facilities are ISO 9000 certified
– but we also like to set our own standards. So we put our products through high-stress lab tests and apply
the latest LEAN processes to every production step. The result? A worldclass suite of scanners that can easily
perform two million scans in a lifetime, and software that delivers effective workflow and higher profits.

Shouldn’t you be scanning with a Contex?

Do you work primarily with scan-to-file applications? Or are scan-to-print and scan-to-copy applications more
your thing? Whatever you do – with Contex solutions, you’ll be able to see the results on your bottom line.

Contex HD Series scanners and SD Series scanners are intelligent, handle your documents with care, give you
the level of detail you need, and ensure high accuracy. But there’s more to great scanning than just hardware.
Our software makes scanning faster and easier than ever with intuitive interfaces, advanced data management
and powerful image editing capabilities.

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