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Digital Check TellerScan TS500
Auto Feed Color Check Scanner with MSR

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If you're searching for the scanner that can do it all, look no further. Digital Check’s TellerScan TS500 is the culmination of 20 years of experience in making check image capture devices for the banking industry. As fast as a production scanner, but quiet and compact, it is designed to make document scanning second-nature.

High-Powered and Versatile

If "speeds and feeds" are your thing, the TellerScan TS500 has enough to handle any job you throw at it. With a rated speed of up to 200 documents per minute (DPM), it handles teller-window duty with ease, while having enough horsepower to replace high-end batch capture scanners used at the branch back counter.

Best Read™ and Special Document Handling™

Our scanners use the latest in digital enhancement to provide the sharpest, cleanest images possible, so your checks clear the first time. Our Best Read technology intelligently determines the best light levels and contrast for each item scanned, and takes the best of several simultaneously captured images. For especially difficult documents, such as those with heavy printing or varying-colored backgrounds, our Special Document Handling can be programmed to recognize specific items that cause recurring problems and make adjustments in real time to produce a clean image without slowing down the scanner.

Easy Self-Cleaning

The Digital Check TS500 is the first scanner with a built-in cleaning utility that makes maintenance a snap. Activate the cleaning mode, and our patented AccuTrac feeding system automatically holds the cleaning card against the feed rollers with the right pressure and for the correct amount of time to ensure that you have properly performed maintenance. No more manual attempts and guesswork.

New roller materials help maximize the amount of time between cleanings while a handy indicator light alerts the user when maintenance time is approaching.

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Digital Check TellerScan TS500 Check Scanner  Digital Check TellerScan TS500 Check Scanner

Digital Check TellerScan TS500 Check Scanner

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Fast, 200 dpm

Built-in ID Scanning

Compatible with Windows 10

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 General Specifications
Model # TellerScan TS500
Type Color
Daly Duty Cycle N/A
Interface USB 2.0
 Scanning Specifications
ADF Feeder capacity 100 items
Exit Pocket Capacity 120 items
Max. Scanning Speed 200 cpm
Check Size (Width) N/A
Check Size (Length) N/A
Max. Resolution 600 dpi
Camera Type N/A
 Printing Specifications
Printer Type Single line inkjet printer (replaceable cartridge)
 Physical Characteristics
Product Dimensions 9.64" x 5.59" x 7.45"
Product Weight 6.10 lbs
Shipping Weight N/A
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7/8/10/, Mac OS, Linux OS
Standard Warranty 1 Year: Depot
Description Mfg# Price Cart
USB 2.0 Cable (10 ft)   N/A N/A Email  
Power Supply N/A N/A Email  
Description Mfg# Price Cart
AccuTrac Plus Roller N/A N/A Email  
First Feed Roller N/A N/A Email  
Second Feed Roller N/A N/A Email  
Discriminator Pad N/A N/A Email  
Exit Roller N/A N/A Email  
Ink Absorption Pad N/A N/A Email  
Ink Cartridge N/A N/A Email  
  • 200 document per minute rated speed
  • Advanced cleaning feature for easy maintenance
  • Optional AccuTrac auto-aligning feeder
  • Built-in Inkjet endorser
  • Built-in ID scanner
  • 600 dpi color camera
  • Optional magstripe card reader
  • Silent drive belt
  • Smart LED status signal
  • Smart Button: one button to control multiple functions of the scanner
  • Optional thermal Teller Transaction Printer™(TTP) available
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and some Linux distributions
  • TellerScan TS500 check scanner
  • External power supply and cord
  • USB 2.0 cable (10 ft)
  • Ink cartridge
  • Cleaning card
Standard Warranty: 1 Year Depot Repair

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