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SmartSource Professional 1-Pocket
Auto Feed B&W/Greyscale/Color Network Check Scanner

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The SmartSource Professional check scanner is a perfect fit for easy, fast integration with teller or remote deposit capture applications. It is one of just a few scanners on the market with two-pocket sorting capability in a desktop-sized form factor and now has speeds up to 200 documents per minute.

Improved Efficiency

The new open feeder reduces document preparation requirements and enables easy loading of documents by automatically opening the input hopper when empty. The SmartSource Professional can be configured to start feeding automatically when documents are loaded into the feeder. In case of a document jam, the SmartClear button eliminates the need to open or remove covers to retrieve the document.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

The SmartSource Professional is engineered to process high volumes of daily items, yet it requires minimal maintenance. When needed, cleaning is easy. Often, all that is required is a rapid cleaning procedure which uses a cleaning card and does not require opening or removing any covers. The standard ink-jet endorser uses a custom ink formulation which eliminates the need for operators to clean the cartridge. The result is more time for the operator to be productive servicing their clients, and less time spent on periodic maintenance and consumable replacement.

Standard Features

The SmartSource Professional is a perfect fit in any PC-based environment. Its extensive set of features offers unparalleled flexibility. Standard features include an auto-feeder with an open feeder design for improved productivity, industry-leading Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reader, superior image quality with 300 dpi image cameras, endorsement and pocket decisions based on MICR and/or front image content such as optical character recognition (OCR), barcode recognition, or image quality results. The SmartSource Professional also includes the capability to scan a variety of documents, such as ATM envelopes and very short pieces of paper (less than three inches [7.6 cm] in length).

Optional Features

Optional features include a variety of scanner speeds, one or two pockets, OCR, barcode recognition, color imaging, and endorsement options. The SmartSource Professional features120 or 200 documents per minute throughput with one or two pockets. The 4-line rear ink-jet endorser supports any Microsoft true-type font and eliminates the need for a separate receipt/validation printer. In addition to endorsing customer-deposited checks, the SmartSource printer is capable of validating internal cash tickets and an array of teller documents including customized customer deposit receipts, envelopes, and even official checks. A front franking stamp is available for remote deposit capture. Many of these features can be upgraded at your location (on-line) as your business requirements expand.

Up to 300 dpi resolution

100 Item Exit per Pocket

120 or 200 Documents Per Minute (dpm)


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 General Specifications
Model # SmartSource Professional
Type B&W/Greyscale/Color
Daly Duty Cycle N/A
Interface USB 2.0
 Scanning Specifications
ADF Feeder capacity N/A
Exit Pocket Capacity 100 items
Max. Scanning Speed 120/200 dpm
Check Size (Width) 2" - 4.25"
Check Size (Length) 2.90" - 9.25"
Check Weight 75 - 90 gsm
Check Thickness N/A
Max. Resolution 300 dpi
Camera Type N/A
 Printing Specifications
Printer Type N/A
 Physical Characteristics
Product Dimensions 10.5" x 5.99" x 7.0"
Product Weight 7.25 lbs
Shipping Weight N/A
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7/8/10
Standard Warranty N/A
Description Mfg# Price Cart
USB 2.0 Cable (10 ft)   N/A N/A Email  
Power Supply N/A N/A Email  
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Inkjet Cartridge and Endorser Felt Pad Kit 75-0860-915 N/A Email  
Franker Roller 75-0575-904 N/A Email  
Feeder Rollers and Separator Assembly 75-0850-920 N/A Email  
Feed Tire Kit 75-0306-904 N/A Email  
Separator Tire Kit 75-0489-908 N/A Email  
Top Cover, Inner, Gray 75-0801-901 N/A Email  
  • Available in different DPM speeds
  • Open top track
  • SmartClear button for clearing document jams
  • Optional auto-feed upon inserting documents
  • E13B and CMC7 MICR recognition with auto-detect
  • SmartSource Professional 1-Pocket check scanner
  • External power supply and cord
  • Check Scanner Cleaning Card
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