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SmartSource Adaptive 2.0
Auto Feed B&W/Greyscale Check Scanner with Printer

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So you've got a batch of checks, but you've also got a stack of other papers that go along with them. That's no problem for the SmartSource Adaptive… the game-changing check and document scanner from Digital Check.

The SmartSource Adaptive 2.0 is the only scanner specifically built for the purpose of taking mixed batches of checks and other documents up to full-page size – that's all at once, not in separate passes.

The SmartSource Adaptive 2.0

The SmartSource Adaptive 2.0, a redesign of the original SmartSource Adaptive, is the most flexible MICR-enabled imaging solution available. The new model has significantly higher throughput than the original model. It is capable of scanning a wide variety of intermixed document types up to Legal-size (8.5 x 14.2 inches), enabling you to reduce expenses by integrating a single device that can handle all of your document imaging needs. Based on the successful SmartSource check imaging platform, the Adaptive 2.0 incorporates many of the proven features first introduced on the Professional and Expert models.

Standard Features

The SmartSource Adaptive 2.0 is a perfect fit in any PC-based environment. Its extensive set of features offers unparalleled flexibility. Standard features include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), an auto-feeder with an open feeder design for improved productivity, industry-leading Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reader, high-quality image with 300 dpi image cameras, and endorsement decisions based on MICR and/or front image content such as optical character recognition, bar code recognition, or image quality results.

Ease of Operation

The new open feeder reduces document preparation requirements and enables one-handed loading of documents by automatically opening when empty. The SmartSource Adaptive 2.0 can be configured to start feeding automatically when documents are loaded into the feeder, with the touch of a button, or through software control. In case of a document jam, the SmartClear button eliminates the need to open or remove covers to retrieve the document.

Fast, 105 Checks Per Minute

Up to 300 dpi resolution

Compatible with Windows 10


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 General Specifications
Model # SmartSource Adaptive 2.0
Type B&W/Grayscale
Daly Duty Cycle N/A
Interface USB 2.0
 Scanning Specifications
ADF Feeder capacity N/A
Exit Pocket Capacity 100 items
Max. Scanning Speed 105 cpm
Document Size (Width) 2" - 8.5"
Document Size (Length) 2.9" - 14.2"
Document Weight 75 - 90 gsm
Document Thickness 0.004" - 0.006"
Max. Resolution 300 dpi
Camera Type N/A
 Printing Specifications
Printer Type Ink jet
 Physical Characteristics
Product Dimensions 20.2 x 11.3 x 6.4
Product Weight 10.5 lbs
Shipping Weight N/A
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7/8/10
Standard Warranty N/A
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  • Scans up to 105 checks or 78 full-page documents per minute
  • Accepts items up to 8.5" x 14" (US legal size)
  • SmartClear button for clearing document jams
  • Specially designed input/output paths to preserve document order
  • E13B and CMC7 MICR recognition with auto-detect
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • SmartSource Adaptive 2.0 check scanner
  • External power supply and cord
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