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The Repository Web Based Document Imaging Software

The Repository
Web Based Document Imaging Software

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A new and exciting document imaging program that is WEB based and resides on your server, may be accessed at any time, any place where an internet connection is available.

Businesses and Government agencies from all over the world have turned to us for their document scanner imaging needs, and now, after 15 years experience in the field, we've produced software that is better than ever AND a fraction the cost of the competition.

We have a special version of the program designed for ISPs and associations so they can provide document imaging for their customers for a very low monthly rental price. No capital investment is necessary.

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We have also produced a University and College version so they can offer document imaging to their professors and students for a price
everyone can afford. Again there is no capital investment necessary and the program resides on your server.

We are well aware of the demands of today's high-tech society, keeping track of your files should not be a hassle. With your new Repository
software you will have an easy-to-use system with unlimited expansion and complete administrative controls with full security.

TheRepository® will be tailored to fit your needs while staying within your budget.

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TheRepository is designed for ease of use by everyone from the clerical staff to the system administrator. We incorporated many of the same features the midrange imaging programs have and more.

The first and most obvious unique feature of TheRepository is that it is entirely web-based. You access the program through a WEB browser, including administrative functions.

New Innovations in Document Imaging
We created a WEB-based document management system designed to fit your needs. We recognized that our customers and users did not want to be limited to where they could access their files or to be limited to only viewing them. You want to be able to update your files on line, as well as to save your Windows file (.doc, .xls, AutoCAD files, etc.) and program will index all the text in your documents so that you can easily find your files. Customers also want the ability to create indexes with as many database fields as necessary. You want to be able to create as many directories and to be able to set security all the way down to the document level. You also want to easily import other databases.

The Repository does all of this and more. The other unique feature of the program is that you can create as many totally separate databases as you have hard drive space for. You can also search other remote Repository databases from anywhere in the world. For example, let's say your company has 20 offices in other parts of the world and each office has a Linux server running TheRepositoryand each office is maintaining their own document imaging system. If you are given the rights to see their servers you can search all 20 servers with one search request and get the hits back on your browser within seconds. No other system can offer you that option.

Speed, Efficiency and Reliability
This revolutionary new software breaks down yesterday's barriers in document imaging.  Now your organization can afford to have a document imaging and management system to fit your immediate needs.

 - The Repository is accessible from any popular web browser. Every dialog box has help menues to make it faster and easier for users to learn the program.

Rights - The System Administrator may set user and groups rights to files, folders and whole databases. Any user may then access, move or download files within their rights to any device connected to the internet (Palm Pilot, notebook, cell phone, etc...).

Link - The RepositoryLink Program is an option that permits users to enable a command line search string into a web page or to image enable other programs.  This addition allows direct searches of the database without directly logging in.  It may be used for web based catalog pages and other catalog pages.

The Repository
 has been written for Windows server 2000 and 2003, and LINUX operating systems. It can run on IBM, SUN, and Compaq Unix flavors of Linux.

Linux and UNIX are the preferred operating systems as Windows is not as secure or stable. Linux is also 8 times faster than Windows and has no back doors.

Our professionals are well prepared to help you integrate this system with your organization.   The Repository may even be customized down to the background colors. The entire program will be designed and tailored to suit your company or organization. Even your logo may be incorporated.

Our technical support representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5:30PM Pacific Standard Time. We are here to assist you by phone or e-mail with any difficulties you may experience. Support is provided for 30 days at no charge after purchase and installation. Support contracts are available at 15% of the list price with a minimum of $100.

TheRepository™ comes standard with a full audit trail, the Berkley Database, all functions fully web enabled, a command-line mass import feature, the ability to create multiple databases, and to run more then one copy of TheRepository™ on the same server so you can offer virtual hosting. Create as many users, groups, and indexes for each database.

The license key checks for how many users are on the system over a one minute period. Currently on the Linux version we offer concurrent licenses in the following numbers: 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 100, 200 and up to 1,000. Licenses over 300 should be on a quad CPU server with a fast RAID storage system.

1-user license $1,200.00
3-user license $2,150.00
5-user license $3,000.00
10-user license $5,000.00
25-user license $8,000.00 

The standart Windows version pricing is $600 per concurrent user up to 5 users. Over 5 but less then 10 it is $500.00 per seat. Over 10 users it is $400.00 per seat.Special offer:

If you have a certificate from a VAR or distributor who you purchased a scanner or server, you can buy TheRepository for only $300 per concurrent user up to 50 users and only $200 per concurrent user over 50 users. 

As an Internet Service Provider or Association you can offer document imaging and management to your customers or members at a very reasonable monthly price.  TheRepository ISP is secure and easily managed for the IT staff. The Linux ISP version of TheRepository is the same as the regular version, with the following exceptions:

1.  TheRepository ISP comes with an unlimited user license.

2.  The Database Administrator can create users and set security for those users but only for that one database. This function is made accessible to the DB Administrator.  Your customers will handle this without placing a service request to you whenever they need to add or delete users or to edit their security settings.

3.  The RepositoryLink program comes with the ISP version of TheRepository.  You can offer the ability for your customers to create a command line search string that can be placed on web pages or issued from another program to image enable the program. The RepositoryLink program will eliminate the need for you to set up an FTP site for customers to update their catalog or web pages.

4. The added billing function will report to the ISP or association the number of databases that have been created, how many users exist for each database, how much storage is being used per storage area per database, and how many databases used the RepositoryLink program.

The ISP still has the option of creating groups for the customer and assigning users to the groups. Your customers may also search multiple Repository databases anywhere in the world with one search request.

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