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Scanner Operating Software

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  • Easy set up and implementation – more time scanning less time training
  • Flexible – one software does it all for less
  • Saves time – full screen pre-scan eliminates rescanning images
  • Increases productivity – PDF read and write plus multipage file
  • Increases accountability – manage your drawings and bill your customers easily
  • Scalable software – direct upgrades let you share the drawings over the network or over the Internet instantly.
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What is ScanOS?
IDEAL ScanOS is feature-rich scanner operating software that lets users create an automatic searchable database for their scanned images. ScanOS has been enhanced based on customer feedback. ScanOS has an easy to use interface, user friendly icons, and customizable toolbar to make training new users easier. Different users can save presets that include: scanner settings, project names, file names and paths, making it easy to switch between users or projects. Users can customize the indexing to fit their needs. With the full screen pre-scan and on the fly settings, users can scan quickly and easily. IDEAL ScanOS eliminates the need to save and rescan the file.

In addition to scanning and indexing, IDEAL ScanOS provides accurate scan to print in B&W and color. ScanOS has direct scan to print support to KIP, OCE, Xerox, and latest support to the HP 4000. With IDEAL ScanOS you can increase productivity and accountability. All print jobs can be stored and indexed for accounting purposes. In addition to the single index field, ScanOS enables you to keep track of all scan and print jobs by sheet count, image area, etc. With IDEAL ScanOS users can scan-to-file and scan-to-print simultaneously.

IDEAL’s ScanOS is flexible. The software supports all IDEAL/Contex Scanners (starting at 4th generation and higher), FireWire, USB, SCSI, and TWAIN Scanners. ScanOS includes advanced Hollerith and nudge features for ACS Scanning.

ScanOS provides single-field indexing for every document scanned, and automatically generates the filename, time & date, and the computer operator’s name to the database record. This allows for quick and easy retrieval of all your scanned images. With the ability to add and index pre-existing documents, ScanOS can index and manage all of your documents.

IDEAL’s ScanOS stores drawings and index data in an ODBC compliant archive in many formats including PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and BMP. This gives you the opportunity to integrate already existing archives into ScanOS. In addition, ScanOS has a direct upgrade path to ScanDEX-IX and IDEAL’s Online PlanRoom so users can access and view drawings over the company’s network or Internet instantly. Your ScanOS investment is protected.

ScanOS offers an easy-to use Scan Solution for all your large format documents (color and black & white), even Aperture Cards. The integrated Copy Station is used for printing your scanned images directly, without saving a file. You can set up printing information for logging and billing purposes, including: Print ID, Operator Name, Print Time, Print Device, Print Area, Number of Copies, Type of Device, and Scaling. Keep track of who printed what to whom.

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