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It's important to do research before you buy a scanner, printer, or software.
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How many clicks does it take to scan your documents? 
This is an important question to ask when evaluating scanning solutions.  Every click of the mouse and stroke of the keyboard takes time and training.

The best overall value comes from balancing price, integration time, training time, support costs and time spent scanning and indexing. SimpleIndex gives you this value by combining powerful automation features with a one-click user interface and aggressive pricing.

How many clicks does it take to scan with SimpleIndex? Let's find out!

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SimpleIndex has all the useful features you expect in a batch scanning program, and even some you can't get anywhere else.
Yet, SimpleIndex is priced thousands less than the competition.

  • Indexing support for all file types
  • Viewing support for any installed, OLE - enabled application
  • No monthly page processing limitations
  • Text processing support for OCR'd images, PDF files and MS Office documents
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Dynamic & Zone OCR
  • Manual Zone OCR by indexing operator
  • Full-Page OCR to text, MS Word or HTML
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Unstructured data capture using Template and Dictionary Matching
  • ODBC & OLEDB database connectivity
  • Use any database to store index data for document management and retrieval
  • Automatic population of index fields using database lookup (Autofill)
  • Document Presence Auditing - ensures all required pages are present in each batch
  • User and administrator logins to prevent unauthorized access
  • Command line execution
  • Input from any TWAIN or ISIS scanner or network folder
  • Media Wizard to create royalty-free, searchable document CDs or DVDs
  • Output images to TIFF, JPEG, or PDF
  • Output index information to database or comma-delimited text file
  • Blank page detection and deletion
  • De-speckle & De-skew
  • Auto-Rotate
  • Easy-to-use cropping and redaction tools to remove confidential parts of images
  • Electronic imprinting and bates stamping
Use SimpleIndex to quickly scan and organize your documents, creating a digital archive that can be shard as-is or imported into any document management system.

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