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Rowe 850i T55E Wide Format Scanner

Rowe 850i T55E Wide Format
55" Wide Format Scanner

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The wide format scanner ROWE Scan 850i with its 6 models and future-proof technology stands for unbelievable innovation, productivity and numerous patents. Take a look at this brochure for a glimpse of the technical highlights and unique features. We'd like to invite you to experience the fascination of ROWE. Simply make an appointment with us for a LIVE presentation at the ROWE customer center and a visit to the production. We look forward to welcoming you!


You want to protect your valuable documents in the best way during the scan? The media transport technology, a new development by ROWE, immediately ensures that even old, torn or extremely wavy originals are transported in the best possible way and protected. Simply safe – typical ROWE.


The solution for all folded documents: The Scan Sensor Technology
used for the first time in the ROWE Scan 850i means the lighting
of the originals is exceptionally homogenous. This is achieved by
the optimal alignment of the lighting angle to the sensor. Together
with the ROWE double lens technology, this produces excellent
scanning results.

SuperSpeed USB 3

Only ROWE combines RES- a high performance process of data compression without loss - with
SuperSpeed USB 3. The result: data throughput increases up to 1000% compared to HighSpeed USB 2!
Of course, the ROWE Scan 850i still supports HighSpeed USB 2.

Secure investment

Especially high quality materials and exceptional workmanship guarantee exceptional durability. Lowest scan glass wear - maximum protection for the documents With the new ROWE SAFE DRIVE the ROWE Scan 850i achieves up to 500% longer life-cycle of the scan glass compared to standard scanners.

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Rowe 850i T55E Wide Format Scanner

Rowe 850i 55C Wide Format Scanner   Rowe 850i 55C Wide Format Scanner

Rowe 850i 55C Wide Format Scanner Brochure

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Automatic Width Recognition

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interface

1200 Optical DPI


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  Scan 850i - 40 Scan 850i - 60 Scan 850i - 80
Optical Resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi 2400 x 1200 dpi 2400 x 1200 dpi
Extended Resolution 9600 dpi
Max Scan Width 44" 55" 60"
Max Media Width


63,2" 63,2"
Max Media Thickness 0.08" 0.08" 0.08"
Min Document Size N/A N/A N/A
Max Scan Length
Not limited by the scanner
Accuracy +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel
Auto Size Display Detects and displays the width of the document as it is loaded (mm or inches)
Color depth
48-bit color
16-bit greyscale
48-bit color
16-bit greyscale
48-bit color
16-bit greyscale
Documents per hour at 300 x 300 dpi 260 440 520
Color Space Not only the standard sRGBcolor space but also user defined color spaces like Adobe RGB or Device RGB are supported Not only the standard sRGBcolor space but also user defined color spaces like Adobe RGB or Device RGB are supported Not only the standard sRGBcolor space but also user defined color spaces like Adobe RGB or Device RGB are supported
Color (24-bit RGB) and 8-bit indexed Color at 200 dpi (Turbo) 12 / 7,87 17 / 11,15 23 / 15,09
Black and white (1-bit) and greyscale (8-bit) at 200 dpi (Turbo)* 23 / 15,09 23 / 15,09 23 / 15,09
Paper Path Face-up, front entry, rear exit or rewind to front Face-up, front entry, front exit with optional Document Return Guide
Interface SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transfer rates up to 85MB/sec Optimised USB2 transfer rates up to 35MB/sec
Power External power supply 100~240 VAC autosensing +/-10%, 50-60 Hz Scanner power consumption 53W (scanning) 5W (standby)
Operating conditions N/A
Weight & Dimensions (LxWxH)

25 kg HA: 31 kg, 31 kg HA: 37 kg, 398 x 1422 x 164 mm HA: 398 x 1428 x 164 mm
398 x 1824 x 164 mm HA: 398 x 1830 x 164 mm

Operating System and Interface(s) N/A
Certifications CB, CE, FCC, CCC, UL, RoHS compliant. ENERGY STAR® qualified
DOCUMENT IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM - DIS All changes can be done after scanning. No rescanning required. Any changes made will be immediately displayed in the viewer.
Optional Software Scan Manager LT , Scan Manager SE, Scan Manager TOUCH, Scan Manager PRO

  • Whisper-quiet means a pleasant working atmosphere
  • Energy Star The ROWE Scan 850i wide format scanner exceeds the requirements of the Energy Star.
  • Quality seals and certificates RoHS, ENERGY STAR, CE, CCC, UL, cUL, CB, FCC Part 15 Class B, EAC, BSMI, BIS
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Scan Manager LT 08RWSW001 $750.00 Add  
Scan Manager SE 08RWSW002 $1,095 Add  
Scan Manager TOUCH 08RWSW004 $1,095 Add  
Scan Manager PRO 08RWSW003 $2,995 Add  

Rowe SC Scanner Parts
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Sensor TOP / BOTTOM BT0000/46/00/142 $7.70 Add  
Drive Belt height adjustment BT0000/11/00/139 $28.30 Add  
Switch top part OPEN / CLOSED BT0000/46/00/099 $30.25 Add  
Drive Belt BT0000/11/00/137 $40.90 Add  
Drive Belt BT0000/11/00/138 $41.75 Add  
ITE Power Supply BT0000/51/00/363 $44.65 Add  
Sensor paper feed BT0000/46/00/127 $55.25 Add  
Reflector roller BT0000/13/00/244 $94.75 Add  
Scan Series Document Return Guides 07RWACC002 $95.00 Add  
Printed circuit board height adjustment BT0000/51/00/325 $164.25 Add  
Glass plate 44" BT0000/25/00/023 $345.98 Add  
Calibration Chart 44" RM2000/05/03/010 $372.50 Add  
850i PC Mounting Kit 7RWACC001 $395.00 Add  
Calibration Chart 60" RM3500/05/03/002 $455.00 Add  
Glass plate 60" BT0000/25/00/024 $681.63 Add  
Contact Image Sensor BT0000/33/00/339 $912.23 Add  
Scan controller BT0000/51/00/382 $1,099.95 Add  

  • Rowe 850i T55E Wide Format Scanner
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • AC Adapter & Cable
Description Mfg# Price Cart
1 year on- site ROWE 850i 44C & 850i 44E 29RWWAR01 $2,395.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i T44C & 850iE T44E 29RWWAR02 $2,495.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i 55C & 850i 55E 29RWWAR03 $2,595.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i T55C & 850iE T55E 29RWWAR04 $2,795.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i 60C & 850i 60E 29RWWAR05 $2,895.00
1 year on- site ROWE 850i T60C & 850i T60E 29RWWAR06 $2,995.00

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