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What makes Bevel special? Bevel is the world's first attachment capable of capturing real 3D photographs on any smartphone or tablet. Other 3D attachments create the illusion of 3D by enhancing the depth of an image, but fail to capture a file that you can actually use. You can even use Bevel for 3D printing. That's why we call it Genuine 3D™ photography..

How does Bevel work?

Bevel uses an eye safe laser light, and the existing camera on your Android or IOS device, to capture photographs in a whole new dimension. Simply plug it in, and pan the person, place or thing you want to capture. Bevel creates beautiful 3D photographs that you can use in amazing ways.

How do I use Bevel?

You already know how to use Bevel. Simply plug the Bevel into the headphone jack of your smartphone or tablet, and then pan the person place or thing, just like a regular photograph.

Matter and Form  Bevel  3D Scanner

Matter and Form  Bevel  3D Scanner   Matter and Form  Bevel  3D Scanner   Matter and Form  Bevel  3D Scanner

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What is Genuine 3D™ Photography?

Genuine 3D™ photographs are like freezing a moment in time. The photos can be rotated, turned into animated GIFs and viewed from multiple angles. You can also add an image of the background behind the 3D photo. They can be shared through Cashew and the Bevel app directly to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

What can I do with Bevel's Genuine 3D™ photos?

With the Bevel app you can do everything you do with ordinary photos. Post your 3D pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter or any social network. Use the Bevel app to share directly to friends or upload and share them online with a link. Save them and even use them for animation, video game design and 3D printing


  • 360 degrees, true to scale models of people, places, and things
  • Text, email or upload to your favourite social networks
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Recharge your battery with a Micro USB cord
  • Comes with the FREE Bevel app
  • Works with any mobile device via the headphone jack
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Description Mfg# Price Cart
  • Matter and Form Bevel
  • Bevel App
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