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Kodak i5250V
Color Duplex Scanner

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At the end of the day, success depends on how much you've accomplished since the start of your day. For years, KODAK i5000 series scanners have been the choice of demanding customers in tough scanning environments - service bureaus, business process outsourcing organizations, and corporate scanning departments. The i5000 models offer efficiency and reliability that can positively impact productivity and enable true, high-volume processing. Advanced efficiency features handle complex tasks and difficult document types easily. Anticipating and avoiding potential problems in advance helps to minimize interruptions and slowdowns. Exceptionally clear images are essential for accurate data capture. KODAK i5000 series scanners reliably deliver sharp results reducing the need for quality assurance checks or rescans.

The i5250V is a 150 ppm Duplex (Landscape, Scanning in Color) production color scanner with a 750 page Automatic Document Feeder and advanced image processing features.

The i5250V scanner comes equipped with a document printer; however, to utilize the printer, you will need to purchase and install the Enhanced Printer Accessory.

Gain even more speed without additional hardware     purchases

Field upgradeable versatility and savings. Transform a Kodak i5250V Scanner to Kodak i5600V specs and performance as your needs and volumes grow.

Beyond smart lies brilliant: Kodak i5000V Scanners

These scanners deliver a revolution in document imaging intelligence, offering advances in value, volume and vision. Get the savings, smarts and speed you need for your enterprise with Kodak i5000V Series Scanners with Kofax VRS Professional software.

Give your documents the intelligence they deserve

Greatly increase processing volumes and accuracy to make informed decisions faster. Speed business processes. Deliver better customer service. It's intelligence and power for your documents and enterprise, designed for less human interaction from feeding...through stacking.

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Kodak i5250V Scanner

Kodak i5250V Scanner Kodak i5250V ScannerKodak i5250V Scanner

Kodak i5250V Scanner Brochure

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Model # Kodak i5250V
Type B&W/Color
Flatbed No
Scan Mode Duplex
Interface USB 2.0
Daily Duty Cycle Unlimited
Resolution 600 dpi
Physical dimensions 17.1" x 27.3" x 20.1 "
Weight 127 lbs
ADF Throughput @ 200dpi Monochrome
Duplex Landscape 300 ipm
Duplex Portrait 300 ipm
Simplex Landscape 150 ppm
Simplex Portrait 150 ppm
ADF Throughput @ 200dpi Color
Duplex Landscape Color 300 ipm
Duplex Portrait Color 300 ipm
Simplex Landscape Color 150 ppm
Simplex Portrait Color 150ppm
ADF Info
ADF Feeder Capacity 750 Pages
ADF Feeder Paper Size Min. - W x L 2.5" x 2.5"
ADF Feeder Paper Size Max. - W x L 12" x 40"
Platform Support Windows XP/Win Vista/Win7
Standard Warranty 3 Month: On-Site (5x9x4)
  • 150 ppm Scanning in Color @ 300 dpi
  • Perfect Page with iThresholding Image Processing
  • Automatic 750-Sheet Document Feeder Elevator Design
  • SurePath Paper Handling 
  • Controlled Document Stacking
  • Multi-Feed Detection
  • Kofax Certified
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Capture Pro 4 Indexing 1Yr 140-6792 $1,448.00 Add
Capture Pro 4 Indexing 3Yr 117-5371 $1,721.00 Add
Capture Pro 4 Indexing 5Yr 135-2129 $1,946.00 Add
Capture Pro 4 Group E 1Yr 132-3658 $9,560.00 Add
Capture Pro 4 Group E 3Yr 118-6519 $11,675.00 Add
Capture Pro 4 Group E 5Yr 108-9457 $13,336.00 Add
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Enhanced Printer Acc, i5000 140-8756 $450.00 Add
Enhanced Ink Cartridge Carrier 176-3218 $190.00 Add
26" Output Extender Tray 183-3946 $200.00 Add
30" Output Extender Tray 162-6803 $225.00 Add
34" Output Extender Tray 149-8476 $250.00 Add
Manual Feeder i5000 Series 167-3953 $600.00 Add
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Feeder Kit, i4000 & i5000 832-7538 $369.00 Add  
Ultra Lt Feeder Kit, i4000 & i5000 844-5280 $680.00 Add  
XL Feeder Kit, i4000 & i5000 838-7938 $1,417.00 Add  
XXL Feeder Kit, i4000 & i5000 146-2415 $2,606.00 Add  
Transport Cleaning Sheet, 50pk 169-0783 $55.00 Add  
Red Ink Cart Enhanced Printer 159-6832 $479.00 Add  
Black Ink Cart for Enhanced Printer 818-3386 $421.00 Add  
Upper Flippable White Background 800-0853 $147.00 Add  
Lower Upper Flip White Background 808-8239 $147.00 Add  
Imaging Guide Set 871-4438 $147.00 Add  
Lower Upper Image Guide 834-8054 $147.00 Add  
Brillianize Detailer Wipes 826-6488 $19.00 Add  
Roller Cleaning Pad, 24pk 853-5981 $26.00 Add  
Staticide Wipes, 6 Boxes of 24 896-5519 $63.00 Add  
Ink Blotter Front, i1800 & i5000 125-7633 $227.00 Add  
  • Kodak i5250V Scanner
  • ISIS and TWAIN Drivers
  • WIA Drivers
  • USB 2.0 Cable
Standard Warranty: 3 Month: AUR (24 hour)

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