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Fujitsu fi-7480
Color Duplex Scanner

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The fi-7480 is easy to set up, use and maintain and comes bundled with a user friendly and intuitive scanner driver PaperStream IP along with batch scanning automation and enhancement software PaperStream Capture. A4 landscape scanning speeds in both color or black and white at up to 300 dpi is 80 pages per minute or 160 images per minute through the 100 page capacity ADF. The fi-7480 can scan a huge variety of material from plastic cards to booklets to even folded A1 in size.

Wide variety of media captured by most compact    scanner

The fi-7480 is ideal for office use as the smallest A3-capable scanner of its class. Its wide range feeding ability includes regular A8 to A3 sizes, as well as folded A2 documents and plastic cards. Additionally, no burdensome pre-sorting is required with mixed batch scanning.

Reliable, uninterrupted volume scanning

The fi-7480 can efficiently scan a large amount of documents. The ADF paper chute (feeder) can accommodate 100 sheets (A4 sheet, 80 g/m2 ) and additional papers can be added while scanning. Furthermore, it also includes several functions to ensure reliable scanning.

Functions that minimize paper feeding errors

Even if documents are creased, wrinkled or when staples were not removed before scanning, Multi-feed Detection and iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection) technology protects both the physical documents and the scanner hardware from potential damage. This helps improve and maintain work efficiency. Users can also utilize Manual Feed Mode (so that the scanner waits for the next document to be placed within a specified time) for scanning where you need to check the contents of each document or delicate documents that may cause multi-feeds or paper jams.

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Fujitsu fi-7480 Color Duplex Scanner   Fujitsu fi-7480 Color Duplex Scanner  Fujitsu fi-7480 Color Duplex Scanner


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Model # fi-7480
Type B&W/Color
Flatbed No
Scan Mode Duplex
Interface USB 3.0
Daily Duty Cycle N/A
Resolution 600 dpi
Physical dimensions 14.96" x 8.23" x 6.61"
Weight 16 lbs
ADF Throughput @ 200dpi Monochrome
Duplex Landscape 160 ipm
Duplex Portrait 160 ipm
Simplex Landscape 80 ppm
Simplex Portrait 80 ppm
ADF Throughput @ 200dpi Color
Duplex Landscape Color 160 ipm
Duplex Portrait Color 160 ipm
Simplex Landscape Color 80 ppm
Simplex Portrait Color 80 ppm
ADF Info
ADF Feeder Capacity 80 Pages
ADF Feeder Paper Size Min. - W x L 2" x 2.72"
ADF Feeder Paper Size Max. - W x L 12" x 220"
Platform Support Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1
Standard Warranty 1 Year: AUR (24 hour)
  • Multi Color Dropout
  • Image Emphasis
  • Long Paper Mode
  • Dynamic Threshold
  • Error Diffusion
  • Automatic color detection
  • Dither
  • Advanced DTC
  • Multi-Image Output
  • Built-in LCD screen Ultrasonic
  • Multi Feed Detection
  • Punch Hole Removal
  • Deskew
  • Blank Page Detection
  • Edge cleanup
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ScanAid Kit, fi-7xxx CG01000-280401 $89.00 Add  
Carrier Sheet (5 pack) PA03360-0013 $30.00 Add  
Brake Roller, fi-7xxx PA03670-0001 $45.00 Add  
Pick Roller, fi-7xxx PA03670-0002 $30.00 Add  
  • Fi-7480 Scanner
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Carrier Sheet
  • Drivers & utilities
  • ScanSnap Manager
  • ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap
  • Scanner Central Admin
  • Software Operation Panel
  • PaperStream IP
  • PaperStream Capture
1 Year: AUR (24 hour)
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Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 3 Year ScanCare SBD
  • S7480-SCMY4HR-3 $4,535.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 3 Year ScanCare NBD
  • S7480-SCMYNBD-3 $3,515.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 3 Year Basic SBD
  • S7480-BAMY4HR-3 $3,260.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 2 Year ScanCare SBD
  • S7480-SCMY4HR-2 $3,260.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 2 Year ScanCare NBD
  • S7480-SCMYNBD-2 $2,515.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 2 Year Basic SBD
  • S7480-BAMY4HR-2 $2,330.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 3 Year Basic NBD
  • S7480-BAMYNBD-3 $2,240.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 1 Year ScanCare SBD
  • S7480-SCPW4HR-1 $1,795.00 Add  

    Fujitsu Service

  • fi-7480 2 Year Basic NBD
  • S7480-BAMYNBD-2 $1,585.00 Add  

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