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Contex SD4490

Contex SD4490
44" Wide Format Scanner

List Price: $11,900.00
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SD large format scanners give companies an easy and affordable way to save time on in-house scanning activities. You get exceptional professional-grade performance with true 1200dpi optical resolution with speeds of up to 10 inch/second.

The Contex SD4490 is designed for high-volume productivity for businesses-critical imaging tasks. Whether you are a private business or government, Contex’s range of SD4400 scanners is the right solution for improved efficiency and productivity. The 44” imaging area is designed to produce clean, sharp image quality on technical documents, sketches, and maps. Fast, simple image clean-up on old, faded, or poorly shaded documents, and safe handling of sensitive originals with no data loss in capture. Expand your business opportunities with Contex’s versatile SD4400 scanners.

Value for Money

Contex makes it easy to scan technical documents, maps and drawings. Contex’s SD4400 series is built to withstand high-volume use on daily basis and are available in a sleek and lightweight design. Maintenance and set-up is easy. With SD4400 you get a total scanning solution with leading-edge software that fits with your existing tools and business processes.

Ease of Use and Productivity

Instant-on scanning and one-touch interface saves time in loading and scanning large documents. Nextimage software and WIDEsystem drivers make scanning to file, to print, or to the network fast and simple. Intuitive software makes the scanner easy to use and maintain.

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Contex SD4490 Scanner

Contex SD4490 Scanner   Contex SD4490 Scanner

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1200dpi optical resolution standard

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) for a perfect grip on your

Scan-to-Net function for scanner sharing across
   a network, and sending files to remote PCs

Ultra fast USB 2.0 interface with xDTR (Extended
   Data Transfer Rate)


  Energy Star Certified    

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  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Parts
  • In the box
  • Warranty

Model Contex SD4490
Resolution 1200dpi
Enhanced resolution 9600 dpi
Maximum Scan Width 44in. (1118 mm)
Maximum Media Width 47in. (1194 mm)
Maximum Media Thickness 0.04in. (1 mm)
Accuracy 0.1% ± 1 pixel
Data Capture (color/mono) 48-bit/16-bit
Color Space sRGB
Scanning Speed (inch/sec.)  
400dpi (Turbo) 24-bit RGB Color 3.0
400dpi (Turbo) 8-bit Index Color 3.0
400dpi (Turbo) 8-bit Grayscale 10.0
400dpi (Turbo) 1-bit Monochrome 10.0
High Speed USB 2.0 with xDTR Yes
Power Requirements 110V/220V/240V, 60/50 Hz
Power, Operational 44 W
Power, Sleep Mode Less than ≤ 3 W (Energy Star Compliant)
Host Platform/Device Drivers Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista (32-bit only)
Certifications Energy Star, RoHS, UL, CE, GOST-R, CCC

  • 1200dpi optical resolution standard
  • All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) for a perfect grip on your documents
  • See what you scan with face-up scanning
  • Ultra fast USB 2.0 interface with xDTR (Extended Data Transfer Rate)
  • Scan-to-Net function for scanner sharing across a network, and sending files to remote PCs
  • Complies with current Energy Star requirements using less than 5W at rest
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Contex Full-featured Productivity Scanning software
9691A601 $650.00 Add  
Nextimage REPRO license
Contex Touch-compatible Full-featured Productivity Scan + Copy software
9691A602 $1,295.00 Add  
JETimageNET Copy Software
Contex Touch-compatible Full-featured Copy software
9691A053 $1,690.00 Add  
Nextimage MFP to REPRO Upgrade
Upgrade from Nextimage MFP (requires installed MFP license)
9691A089 $1,425.00 Add  
Upgrade from Nextimage Scan + Archive to Repro (Requires installed Nextimage Scan+ Archive license)
9691A603 $1,050.00 Add  

SD Accessories
Description Mfg# Price Cart
17-inch Touchscreen LCD
For use with IQ 4400, SD and HD Ultra MFP stands
0090B080R01 $1,494.00 Add  
Document carrier sheet
24 x 36 inch carrier sheet landscape
6399A403 $105.00 Add  
USB2.0 Cable, A/B with Ferrite
6799D172R01 $63.00 Add  
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Calibration Sheet #1, 44" packed
Contex Calibration Sheet, 44" SD 4400
5279A002R01 $272.00 Add  
Glass Plate, 44", packed
Contex Glass Plate, 44", packed
5229A005R01 $255.00 Add  

Boards (Electronics)
Description Mfg# Price Cart
CIS Unit, 44" (excl. SUL Controller Board)
5275A038R01 $4,104.00 Add  
Power Supply #2
0080A074R01 $359.00 Add  
IBCA, Interconnection Board C (Keyboard)
This is used in the SD, SD3600, HD Ultra 42, HD iFlex and XD Mx52D scanner models only. This is the small board located just below the Operators Panel.
5231D001R01 $99.00 Add  
SULD Controller Board
5230D004RA1 $4,292.00 Add  
Other Parts
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Cover Assy, Mx52D (incl. Operator Panel)
5202D013R01 $451.00 Add  
LHS End Cover, Mx52D
5202A003R01 $219.00 Add  
0075A050R01 $55.00 Add  
Paper/Lid Sensor (1 pcs.)
Contex Paper/Lid Sensor (1 pcs.)
0075A160R01 $87.00 Add  
Castors (4 pcs.)
For IQ, SD and HD Ultra 42" model stands
0601A005R01 $99.00 Add  
Castors, SD MFP Stand (4 pcs.)
0091A004R01 $118.00 Add  
SD Paper Guides packed (2 pcs.)
5299D107 $69.00 Add  
Gas Spring, 150N A40 (Guide Plate)
6705D264R01 $100.00 Add  
Pressure Rollers (6 pcs.)
5229A031R01 $447.00 Add  
Power Entry Module with 2A EMI Filter
0007S050R01 $132.00 Add  
Stepper Motor Assy #2
Contex Stepper Motor
5263D017R01 $315.00 Add  
RHS Bottom Cover
5202A004R01 $282.00 Add  
Adapter for Tube 18x12 (10 pcs.)
2205E032R01 $63.00 Add  
Basket Assembly
2205E015R01 $546.00 Add  
USB2.0 Cable, Panel Mount
0090B087R01 $79.00 Add  
USB2.0 Cable with Ferrite, A/B, 3m
5398A009 $71.00 Add  
  • Contex SD4490
  • 6 ft power cable
  • Drivers
  • User documentation
  • WIDEsystem scan to net software
  • 24 Months Return to Depot Warranty
  • With first six months on-site warranty
  • Scanner Maintenance Software
  • Maintenance Sheet
Standard Warranty: 24 month onsite. Distributor invoiced at time of registration. Must be registered within 30 days of sale.
On-Site Post Warranty
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Third year coverage
(add on to two year standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
3YR-ADD $1,095.00 Add  
Third and Fourth year coverage
(add on to two year standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
4YR-ADD $1,840.00 Add  
Third, Fourth and Fifth year coverage
(add on to two year standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
5YR-ADD $2,685.00 Add  
One year onsite warranty extension
Purchased after the initial scanner order, but before any
pre-existing onsite warranty expires, includes renewals.
EXTEND-ADD $1,295.00 Add  
One year onsite post warranty
Use this option for cases where all warranty contracts have
expired and the end-user desires to purchase a onsite warranty.
POST-ADD $1,395.00 Add  

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