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Contex FLEX50i

Contex FLEX50i Flatbed Scanner
18" x 24" Large Format Flatbed Scanner

List Price: $11,600.00

Merging the flexibility of flatbed scanners with the best of wide format imaging technology, FLEX50i is the ideal scanner for capturing books, fragile originals, and other thick or delicate materials.

With the ability to reproduce uneven surfaces – and just about anything you put on the scanner bed – the FLEX50i incorporates 48-bit CCD technology to ensure picture-perfect scans.

Scan-to-Print or Scan-to-File

The iJET control panel gives you the option to scan-to-print or scan-to-file without using a computer. And unlimited scanning thickness means that the FLEX50i flatbed scanner can handle all your scanning needs.

Ease of Use

The flatbed surface gives you flexibity and ease of use for almost any 2D scanning task - easily handling documents up to A2 or C-size and unlimited thickness! The FLEX50i flatbed scanner is a breakthrough solution for graphic arts, copy shop and repro and the ideal solution for museums, libraries, government offices and archival institutions. Scan what you need, when you need it.

Contex FLEX50i Scanner   Contex FLEX50i Scanner

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400dpi optical resolution standard

48-bit color and 16-bit grayscale image data
   capture from 4-channel CCD technology

Scan-to-Net function for scanner sharing across
   a network, and sending files to remote PCs

USB 2.0 interface and Ethernet (LAN) port
   with Remote HTML Control


  Energy Star Certified    

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Model Contex FLEX50i
Optical resolution 400 dpi

Enhanced resolution

9,600 dpi
Scanning speed in 400 dpi turbo 3.0"/s in 24-bit RGB
3.0"/s in 8-bit index
5.0"/s in graytone and B/W
Scan accuracy 0.1% +- 1 pixel
Scan and media width Maximum scan width: 18" x 24" (457 x 610 mm)
Maximum thickness Without top cover: unlimited; with top cover: 1.5" (38 mm)
Digital image processing Dual 2-D adaptive enhancement and adaptive gray
Embedded in hardware
Color feature extraction, ADL and error diffusion halftoning
2-D sharpening, softening, blur filter and adaptive thresholding
iJET technology One-touch copy directly to USB or network printer
One-touch scan directly to USB, harddisk or network PC
Scan modes
24-bit color, 8-bit feature extraction/indexed color
8-bit graytone, copy modes with graytones
1-bit B/W, B/W dual 2-D adaptive modes
Color adjustment 3x3 matrix multiplier, independent RGB tone curves (gamma), independent B/W point setting
Color space NTSC and sRGB
Sensors 4-linear CCD (RGB triplets and panchromatic B/W)
48-bit color data capture, 16-bit graytone data capture, all-digital cameras
Auto-maintenance system
Auto alignment, stitching monitoring and correction, basic and precision color calibration
Interface Ethernet (LAN) port, High Speed USB 2.0, Remote HTML Control, STI (Still Image Interface), WIA (Windows Image Acquisition), TWAIN
37 kg, L x W x H (ship) (57" x 30" x 20") (144 x 76 x 50 cm)
110V / 220V / 240V, 60/50 cs, 180W
System software
Included: WIDEsystemNET tools: scanner drivers, maintenance and utilities
Host platforms Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista (32-bit only)

  • Flatbed design for delicate or thick materials, up to A2 size (18” x 24”)
  • Fast 48-bit color, 4-channel CCD imaging
  • High-speed monochrome scanning for archiving books, newspapers, and more
  • LAN interface and multi-function capabilities with iJET Technology
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Contex Full-featured Productivity Scanning software
9691A601 $650.00 Add  
JETimageNET Copy Software
Contex Touch-compatible Full-featured Copy software
9691A053 $1,690.00 Add  
HD Accessories
Description Mfg# Price Cart
USB2.0 Cable, 0.5m
0090B075R01 $59.00 Add  
USB2.0 Cable, A/B with Ferrite
6799D172R01 $63.00 Add  
USB2.0 Cable, A/B, 3m
0090B068R01 $51.00 Add  
UTP Cat5e Cable, 5m, Black
0090B070R01 $59.00 Add  
UTP Cat5e Cable, Cross-Over, 5m, Black
0090B071R01 $59.00 Add  
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Calibration Sheet, 18", packed
SM Calibration Sheet packed, 18"
5199A101 $270.00 Add  
Filter Kit for Positive Pressure Fan
Contex Filter Kit for Positive Pressure Fan
0080C035R01 $67.00 Add  
Glass Plate (Dark Grey Paper Rest)
2851D107 - Glass Plate, A2 Scanner Bx51D
5129A253R01 $1,421.00 Add  
LCAC, Lamp Cartridge
6840A003R01 $956.00 Add  
White Background Platen
White Background Platen (Bx51D)
5102A106R01 $416.00 Add  

Boards (Electronics)
Description Mfg# Price Cart
CBMC Camera Board (with CCD-Sensor and Mounting Plate)
6749D003R01 $1,450.00 Add  
CRBC, Smart Card Reader
6831A003R01 $262.00 Add  
CTX-Z07H, 68W SMPS, Triple Output
0080A064R01 $353.00 Add  
IBAA, Inter Connection Board A
5134A001R01 $229.00 Add  
Linex DC-HV Inverter
0080A063R01 $640.00 Add  
LMGB, Lamp and Motor Driver
5130A002R01 $1,338.00 Add  
LSBA, Lamp Sensor Board B
5133A001R01 $236.00 Add  
Scanner Storage
0090B084R01 $863.00 Add  
SKFB, Operator Panel (Note: SKFB04 or later for AB51A)
6836A002R01 $709.00 Add  
SUGA, Controller Board
6736E001R01 $4,134.00 Add  
Other Parts
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Focus Pattern, 18"
5179A204R01 $248.00 Add  
Key for Camera
5175A228R01 $71.00 Add  
T10 Special L-Key (5 pcs.)
0008V356R01 $39.00 Add  
T20 L-Key for Camera Adjustment (5 pcs.)
0601A005R01 $116.00 Add  
Camera, Ax51A (excl. Lens and CBx board)
2898A110 $696.00 Add  
Cap for Cover Screw (Dark Grey)(10 pcs.)
5102A237R01 $57.00 Add  
Caps for Cover Fixing Screws (10 pcs.)
5102A229R01 $59.00 Add  
End Cover, Front Left
5102A204R01 $357.00 Add  
End Cover, Front Left (Dark Grey)
5102A238R01 $357.00 Add  
End Cover, Front Right
5102A206R01 $422.00 Add  
End Cover, Front Right (Dark Grey)
5102A240R01 $422.00 Add  
End Cover, Rear Left
5102A205R01 $256.00 Add  
End Cover, Rear Left (Dark Grey)
5102A239R01 $256.00 Add  
End Cover, Rear Right
5102A207R01 $227.00 Add  
End Cover, Rear Right (Dark Grey)
5102A241R01 $227.00 Add  
Fan, Electronics Box
0080C029R01 $116.00 Add  
Fan, Lamp Carriage
0080C038R01 $126.00 Add  
Fan, Positive Pressure
0080C039R01 $146.00 Add  
Flex Cable (Lamp Carriage)
5135A108R01 $173.00 Add  
Hinge Assembly (2 pcs.)
5102A107R01 $534.00 Add  
0007S046R01 $77.00 Add  
Lamp Door
5102A222R01 $67.00 Add  
Lamp Door (Dark Grey)
5102A250R01 $61.00 Add  
Lid (wo White Background Platen)
5102A244RA1 $1,848.00 Add  
Lid (wo White Background Platen)
5102A244RN1 $1,848.00 Add  
0075A050R01 $55.00 Add  
6833A119R01 $128.00 Add  
Safety Interlock Switch
0007E172R01 $116.00 Add  
Stepper Motor
0080C043R01 $355.00 Add  
Vibration Grommet for Motor (10 pcs.)
6763D201R01 $93.00 Add  
  • Contex FLEX50i
  • 6 ft power cable
  • Drivers
  • User documentation
  • WIDEsystem scan to net software
  • 24 Months Return to Depot Warranty
  • With first six months on-site warranty
  • Scanner Maintenance Software
  • Maintenance Sheet
Standard Warranty: 24 month onsite. Distributor invoiced at time of registration. Must be registered within 30 days of sale.
On-Site Post Warranty
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Third year coverage
(add on to two year standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
3YR-ADD $1,095.00 Add  
Third and Fourth year coverage
(add on to two year standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
4YR-ADD $1,840.00 Add  
Third, Fourth and Fifth year coverage
(add on to two year standard warranty) at time of scanner purchase
5YR-ADD $2,685.00 Add  
One year onsite warranty extension
Purchased after the initial scanner order, but before any
pre-existing onsite warranty expires, includes renewals.
EXTEND-ADD $1,295.00 Add  
One year onsite post warranty
Use this option for cases where all warranty contracts have
expired and the end-user desires to purchase a onsite warranty.
POST-ADD $1,395.00 Add  

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