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Contex HD Ultra X 6090

Contex HD Ultra X 6090
60" Wide Format Scanner

List Price: $18,860.00
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This is the world's first 60-inch CCD scanner. The size-flexibility, our Nextimage software and the unprecedented scan width gives you the flexibility to be smart and create a more efficient workflow.

With the Contex HD Ultra X 6090 we have tried to reduce the total cost of ownership because we know it matters to you. We´ve used optimized LED lights, so you don't have to think about replacing the lamps. Nor do you have to worry about maintenance to the same extent as other scanners. Best of all we´ve made the glass super-resistant to scratches and created a paper handling design that will prolong the life of your consumables.

This all adds up to the most efficient and flexible large format scanner on the market.

The widest and fastest CCD scanner

There are many obvious reasons to want the Contex HD Ultra X 6090. For starters, it is a full 60 inches wide, which means it is the widest large format CCD scanner ever made. Secondly, it is ultra-fast with the ability to scan in RGB color in 200 dpi at up to 17.8 ips. That is new, too.

The Contex HD Ultra X is the fastest scanner we've ever made. With a top speed of 17.8 ips, you can increase your workflow tempo significantly. You can also switch between three different speed levels directly on the scanner's intuitive touch panel. If speed doesn't impress you, look at the width.

Best-in-class scan quality

With the Contex HD Ultra X 6090 you get the highest quality scans the market has to offer. Using the newest CCD technology and Contex's specially designed Fujifilm lenses, you get nearperfect color match and crystal clear scans. No matter if your originals are thick, thin, wide or creased. Furthermore, it will always be in focus with a depth of focus up to 7 mm (0.28 inches).

Time is money

That is why we're sure you will enjoy our new timesaving features. Instant-ON makes sure you don't need to warm up your scanner before using it. You feed your original into the scanner, and it turns on. As a bonus, it is good for the environment and reduces your electricity bill. The Contex HD Ultra X 6090 also has true size detection, which instantly detects your originals width and saves valuable time.

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Contex HD Ultra X 6090  Wide Format Scanner

Contex HD Ultra X 6090 Scanner  Contex HD Ultra X 6090 Scanner   Contex HD Ultra X 6090 Scanner

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60-inch ultra-wide design captures
    oversized documents easily

Advanced 48-bit CCD technology with the very latest
    in (LEDs).

Gigabit Ethernet xDTR2.5 Optimized for up to 100 MB
   per second. Scan-to-Net function for scanner sharing
   across a network, and sending files to remote PCs

Combining automatic thickness adjustment control
   (ATAC), all wheel drive (AWD) paper feed tracking

Ultra fast USB 3.0 SuperSpeed xDTR3 delivering 3
   times the bandwidth of USB2


  Energy Star Certified Fuji Film Lenses RoHS RoHS

  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Accessories
  • Parts
  • In the box
  • Warranty
Model Contex HD Ultra X 6090
Maximum Scan Width 60 inch (1524 mm)
Resolution 1200 dpi
Enhanced resolution 9,600 dpi
Scanning speed (inch/sec.) 17.8"/s in 200dpi Grayscale/Monochrome, 17.8"/s in 200 dpi RGB Color
Productivity (documents/hour):
Batch scanning for 60 minutes. Includes paper load and eject time. Measured in completed scans.

Arch E-size, RGB Color, 200dpi portrait load: 866 pages
Arch E-size, RGB Color, 200dpi landscape load: 1054 pages

Scan accuracy 0.1% +- 1 pixel
Maximum thickness 0.06-inch (15 mm)
Data Capture (color/mono)
48-bit color / 16-bit grey scale
Color space Adobe RGB, Device RGB, RAW RGB, sRGB
Interface USB 3.0 with xDTR3, Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2.5
62.5 kg (173.8 lbs) / LxWxH: 1810 mm (71’) x 540 mm (21’’) x 279 mm (11’’), 100 – 240V, 60/50Hz, 80W
Device Drivers 64-bit Windows 10, 8, Windows 7
System software WIDEsystem (driver): Nextimage 5 iOS app (portable device) Android tablet/phone OS also
TWAIN 64-bit TWAIN application driver included for use with EDM and other imaging software
Host platforms 64-bit Windows 10, 8, Windows 7
Certifications RoHS, cUL, CE, Customs Union, CCC, VCCI, KC, Ukr, ENERGY STAR certified

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Contex True Size Detection

HD Ultra X finds the paper width as it scans. No wasted time. No shoe shine just instant width detection. No more backwards and forwards movement of document while feeding it into the scanner. Just load and scan.

Static Free Touchless Glass System

Enjoy virtually scratch free glass plates thanks to the new design of the white background pressure plate in the HD Ultra X. The pressure point is offset of the scanning line helping the glass stay free from scratches. The Minimal-friction, floating transport design of glass plate with new quick-release magnetic scan glass system, makes replacement or cleaning of glass plate easier and faster than ever.


Optimized Thickness Adjustment Control. With one press of a lever, raise and lower the OTAC to suit required media thickness. It is very fast.


Combining automatic thickness adjustment control (ATAC), all wheel drive (AWD), automatic contour correction and a new paper pressure adjustment, Flex- Doc enables you to scan anything from newspaper-thin documents to posters on foam boards, gator boards and other bulky documents up to 0.6" thick.


With removable, no-rewind paper return guides, right-side loading, a funnelshaped feeder, and a convenient new exit tray, FlexFeed takes the hassle out of scanning any document, even up to 60″ wide.


SnapSize makes it faster and easier to switch between different-sized documents by eliminating the need for manual software adjustments. Precision optical paper sensors register your document size and adjust the required settings automatically.


This allows all users in a workgroup to operate the scanner from their own computer via Ethernet.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed xDTR3

We have adapted our xDTR technology to work with the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed protocol increasing its performance dramatically. It has the fastest data transfer rate of any scanner on the market.

Gigabit Ethernet xDTR2.5

Optimized for up to 100 MB per second. Up to 60% faster transfer rate than with xDTR2 thanks to new improved electronics.

Gbit throttling buffer control

1GB buffer eliminates scanner pausing. Maintain your scan speeds and meet those deadlines

Contex Perfect Light

Contex Perfect Light in the HD Ultra X comes from engineers carefully selecting the very latest in light-emitting diode technology (LEDs) and combining this with specially developed diffusion filters.


To get the best results, your scanner and software should work with full 48-bit data. Where other scanners ignore some of this data, the HD Ultra is the world's wide format scanner with true 48-bit color capture.


Contex uses All-Digital cameras with advanced point-of-origin capture and onboard digital conversion ensuring minimum noise and an extended dynamic range. The unique four-linear CCD technology, with a special panchromatic line, ensures that no colors are lost when scanning monochrome. Quality colormatched fluorescent lamps ensure the market's highest standards for color correctness.


Accuracy Lens Enhancement (ALE) technology that electronically maintains 0.1% +- pixel precision across any two points of the scan line thus exceeding even the most rigid requirements in the industry today. Contex delivers a very high grade of precision stability in the scanned image.

High-quality lenses

Contex CCD scanners use premium Fujifilm lenses to bring you high-resolution images in the best quality available on the market today.

Using the highest quality LED lights on the market and the latest Contex CCD technology, our research shows that the optimal color reproduction is already achieved at 4000 Kelvin.

Adobe RGB

The preferred choice for color professionals who need the maximum number of colors from the scanning process and is the best choice for high-quality printing. sRGB color space is best for display viewing and general printing.   

ICC profiles work to ensure accurate color reproduction on your chosen device (the device must be able to support selected color space).

Fujifilm lenses

Using lenses specially selected to support the size and resolutions used in the HD Ultra X 6000 scanner. This avoids the uneven sharpness and chromatic distortions that can occur when using cheaper, smaller lenses.

Contex CCD's are Quadlinear which means we have a red, green, blue and black channel on our CCD's. This gives us the truest grayscale and monochrome. Our closest competitor uses Tri linear CCD's which mean they only have red, green and blue and must get their monochrome and grayscale from the green channel which does not reproduce the best mono or grayscale.

Contex Natural Light

Fuji Film Lenses

Only a high Color Rendering Index ensures accurate colors. The CRI (Color Rendering Index) is an indicator of how close artificial color reproduction is compared to natural light. Natural light has a CRI of 100. A Contex HD Ultra X scanner uses a light source with a high CRI CRI (more than 90). Compensated by the perfect light system, this is by far the highest CRI amongst CCD large format scanners.  

X-Rite ICC profiles

X-Rite is the global leader in color science and technology. The Company, which now includes color industry leader Pantone, Inc., develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through measurement systems, software, color standards and services. X-Rite's expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time, and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including scanning, printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.

Contex HD Ultra X 6090 Features


Description Mfg# Price Cart
Contex Full-featured Productivity Scanning software
9691A601 $650.00 Add  
Nextimage REPRO license
Contex Touch-compatible Full-featured Productivity Scan + Copy software
9691A602 $1,295.00 Add  
Nextimage MFP to REPRO Upgrade
Upgrade from Nextimage MFP (requires installed MFP license)
9691A089 $1,425.00 Add  
Upgrade from Nextimage Scan + Archive to Repro (Requires installed Nextimage Scan+ Archive license)
9691A603 $1,050.00 Add  

HD Accessories
Description Mfg# Price Cart
HD Ultra X 6000 Low Adjustable Stand
Low stand for 60" scanner includes document basket
2200H010010 $890.00 Add  
HD Ultra X 6000 Scan Station Stand
For thick doc support on 60 inch scanners
2200H010B27 $1,850.00 Add  
Document carrier sheet
36 x 48 inch carrier sheet portrait
6399D133 $210.00 Add  
USB2.0 Cable, A/B with Ferrite
6799D172R01 $63.00 Add  
USB2.0 Cable, A/B, 3m
USB2.0 Cable, Shielded, A/B, 3m
0090B068R01 $51.00 Add  
Description Mfg# Price Cart
White Background Plate 60" packed
2867G112 $198.28 Add  
Calibration Sheet 60" packed
2867G114 $396.56 Add  

Other Parts
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Filter kit, 92x92 (for 0080C032)
Contex Filter kit, 92x92
0080C031R01 $55.52 Add  
Contex Inlet
0007S046R01 $103.11 Add  
DC Gear Motor, 12V, 392:1, ø27mm
Camera height adjustment motor - HD Ultra scanner
6798G008 $185.06 Add  
LHS End Cover, Rx67G
Contex LHS End Cover, Rx67G
6798G012 $203.57 Add  
Castors (4 pcs.)
For IQ, SD and HD Ultra 42" model stands
0601A005R01 $132.19 Add  
ATAC Closed Sensors
Contex ATAC Closed Sensors
6798G002 $155.98 Add  
PSU, 24V/200W ATM200T
2867G107 $557.83 Add  
SUX Variant A
2867G108 $4,631.85 Add  
Camera Module RB67G
2867G109 $1,390.61 Add  
IBD Variant A
2867G116 $515.53 Add  
0077E036R01 $121.61 Add  
Stepper Motor STP-590D1 + Pulley + Damper
2867G117 $787.84 Add  
Cooling Fan, 92x92x25
2867G118 $280.24 Add  
Tacho Sensor
2867G110 $179.78 Add  
Paper/Lid Sensor (1 pcs.)
0075A160R01 $116.33 Add  
Shaft with Feed-Rollers 60" (2 pcs. )
2867G119 $1,628.55 Add  
Drive Belt, S2. 1167M 500mm
2867G122 $174.49 Add  
Idle Rollers HDU X60 (2 pcs.)
2867G131 $914.74 Add  
Cover Assy. RHS(incl Operators Panel)
2867G120 $713.81 Add  
Gas Spring, Guideplate, 2 pcs.
2867G111 $142.76 Add  
USB3.0 + 1Gbit Cable, 0.4m, Panel Mount
2867G121 $259.09 Add  
Feed Table Cover RB67G
2867G123 $1,073.36 Add  
Latch Kit tor HDU ATAC/OTAC
2867G130 $211.50 Add  
FFC Cable Kit
2867G137 $311.96 Add  
Roller Cover, Front
2867G138 $417.71 Add  
Roller Cover, Rear
2867G139 $417.71 Add  
OTAC Complete Assv
2867G140 $4,507.59 Add  
Springs for ATAC, RA67G (2 pcs)
2867G102 $42.30 Add  
  • Contex HD Ultra X 6090
  • Power cable
  • 64-bit TWAIN application driver included for use with EDM and other imaging software
  • User documentation
  • Scanner Maintenance Software
  • Maintenance Sheet
Standard Warranty: 24 months parts only.
Extended Spare Parts Warranty
Description Mfg# Price Cart
1 Year Warranty Extension for Spare Parts
Extends spare parts warranty to 3 years. Must register scanner within 3 months of delivery.
2898A124 $554.00 Add  
3 Years Warranty Extension for Spare Parts
Extends spare parts warranty to 5 years. Must register scanner within 3 months of delivery.
2898A125 $995.00 Add  
1 Year Warranty Extension for Spare Parts - POST (within factory warranty)
Extends spare parts warranty to 3 years. Must register scanner within factory warranty.
2898A141 $782.00 Add  
3 Years Warranty Extension for Spare Parts - POST (within factory warranty)
Extends spare parts warranty to 5 years. Must register scanner within factory warranty.
2898A142 $1,495.00 Add  

On-Site Warranty
Description Mfg# Price Cart
Onsite Service - 2 years - HD
Optional 2 Years On-site Warranty for HD scanners -pricing available at time of purchase with a new HD scanner.
2898A118HD $995.00 Add  
Onsite Service - 3 years - SD/IQ44 or HD
3 Years On-site Warranty Available only at time of purchase.
2898A119 $2,020.00 Add  
Onsite Service - 4 years - SD36/IQ44 or HD
4 Years On-site Warranty Available only at time of purchase.
2898A120 $2,765.00 Add  
Onsite Service - 5 years - SD36/IQ44 or HD
5 Years On-site Warranty Available only at time of purchase.
2898A121 $3,610.00 Add  
Onsite Extention - 1 year - SD36/IQ44 or HD (in warranty)
1 Year On-site Warranty Extension -for products currently under warranty
2898A122 $1,295.00 Add  
Onsite Extention - 1 year - (XD24/IQ24, SD36/IQ44 and HD - (post warranty)
1 Year On-site Warranty -for products NOT currently under warranty. Not available on past models.
2898A123 $1,395.00 Add  

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