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Colortrac SmartLF Scan!
24" & 36" Wide Format Scanner

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Finally, a true low cost wide format scanner designed for use at your home office, in your office or on site. Compact. Light. Easy to use. Portable. Self-contained. The scanner comes with a sturdy, wheeled carry case for ultimate portability. SmartLF Scan! is a revolution in wide-format scanning. With 24" and 36" options, SmartLF Scan! helps you collaborate with partners and will revolutionize your projects.

A portable large format scanner for documents of all     sizes

Use it in the office when you are there or take it to clients and on site when you are out and about.

Operated by your iPhone or iPad, you can scan direct to email or the Cloud via rainforest365. You can also scan to USB or scan to internal memory ready for download later – just by using the scanner itself, no need to connect to a PC.

Of course, with a flexible wide format scanner like this, you might also choose to use these functions for scanning your documents and drawings when you're in the office.

On the go You are busy.

On the go You are busy. Your customers are demanding. Plans are constantly changing. Keeping up with paper trails is exhausting. How can you move forward when it is hard to keep up? Change the way you work. Is it possible to keep your customers and contractors on board? Is it possible to keep working harder when you are already giving 110%? Be portable.

On site This is different. This is smart. SmartLF Scan! Beautifully designed. Simple to use. Enjoy your work. Take your scanner on site and to client offices. Collaborate. Amend drawings. Scan the originals and leave them with your colleagues, then work online back at your office.

On the road The scanner is self-contained. Just plug it in and go. Save scans within the scanner memory and download back at your office. From only 5.2 kg, you can now carry SmartLF Scan! instead of battling with dozens of paper drawings.

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Colortrac SmartLF SG Scanner  Colortrac SmartLF SG Scanner Colortrac SmartLF SG Scanner

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1200 Optical DPI

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  Energy Star Certified Energy Star Certified Fuji Film Lenses  

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  SmartLF Scan! 24
SmartLF Scan! 36
Optical Resolution DocLogic (automatic) or manual 200, 400, 600 dpi DocLogic (automatic) or manual 200, 400, 600 dpi
Extended Resolution Linear interpolation from 100 to 9600dpi in 1 dpi steps
Max Scan Width 24" 36"
Max Media Width


Max Media Thickness 0.003" 0.003"
Min Document Size 6.2” 6.2”
Max Scan Length
Depends on file format and software application. See scanner software information
Accuracy 0.2 % +/-1 pixel 0.2 % +/-1 pixel
Auto Size Display Detects and displays the width of the document as it is loaded (mm or inches)
Imaging Technology
SingleSensor SingleSensor
Data Capture (color/grayscale) 16-bit 48-bit/16-bit
Color Space N/A Raw RGB from scanner. sRGB using SmartWorks TOUCH. Adobe RGB and Profiled RGB from optional SmartWorks Pro
Scan Speed 1-bit mono (in/sec) 8-bit grayscale @200dpi 13.00 13.00
Scan Speed 24-bit color (in/sec) @200dpi N/A 4.0
Paper Path Face-up, front entry, rear exit or rewind to front Face-up, front entry, front exit with optional Document Return Guide
Interface Front: USB2 socket for scan to USB memory stick. Rear: Ethernet RJ45 GBit for scan to computer over network
Power External power supply Input: 100~240VAC, 50-60Hz, auto-sensing +/-10%, Output: 3.42A at 19V.
Scanner power consumption: 19.4 W (scanning), 10.2W (idle), 0.3W(sleep/ON), 0.05W (standby/soft OFF).
Product enters sleep after 15 min and standby after 60 min. Document load or pressing green button reactivates from sleep. Switch scanner off and on again to reactivate from standby. Energy Star V2 qualified
Operating conditions Operating temperature 10oC – 35oC, Relative Humidity 10% – 90% (non-condensing)
Weight & Dimensions (LxWxH) Scanner only 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg) / 34.3 x 6.3 x 5 inches (870 x 160 x 126 mm)
Scanner incl. case: 22.3 lbs (10.1 kg) / 38.6 x 10.4 x 8.2 inches (980 x 265 x 208 mm)
Operating System and Interface(s) Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista – 32-bit and 64-bit architectures
Certifications CB, CE, FCC, CCC, UL, RoHS compliant. ENERGY STAR® qualified
Included Software SmartWorks TOUCH Simple-to-use software for scanning, copying and printing. Intuitive interface designed for touch screens or mouse and keyboard operation. Select the mode, choose the document type closest to the original and press go. All document types can be individually modified. Save to PDF, PDF/A, MPDF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, AutoCAD DWF, TIFF, TIFF LZW, TIF-G4, MTIFF, PCX, BMP. Batch scanning, full preview and all Windows driven printers supported.
Optional Software SmartWorks Pro 2 product versions SCAN / SCAN & COPY ~ professional solutions for best in class image restoration, scan productivity & hi-fidelity copy quality. Fully colour-managed scan, view & copy system.

  • Small
  • Light
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Self-contained
  • Colortrac Scan! Scanner Accessories are unavailable.
    Colortrac Scan! Scanner Parts are unavailable.
    • Scan! large format scanner
    • Tough wheeled carry case
    • Mains external power supply
    • Calibration target
    • RJ45 Ethernet cable
    Standard Warranty: 2-year on-site warranty.
    On-Site Extended Warranties
    Description Mfg# Price Cart
    1 year on-site Colortrac Gx+28M,C,E & Gx+T 28M,C,E 29PGIPW017 $1,495.00 Add  
    1 year on-site Colortrac SG36M 29PGIPW021 $1,695.00 Add  
    1 year on-site Colortrac SG36C 29PGIPW022 $1,895.00 Add  
    1 year on-site Colortrac SG36E 29PGIPW023 $2,395.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Gx 42M, SG44M 29PGIPW001 $1,695.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Gx 42C, SG44C 29PGIPW002 $1,895.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Gx 42E, SG44E 29PGIPW003 $2,395.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac GxT 42M 29PGIPW004 $1,795.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac GxT 42C 29PGIPW005 $1,995.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac GxT 42E 29PGIPW006 $2,495.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Gx+ 56M 29PGIPW007 $1,995.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Gx+ 562C 29PGIPW008 $2,295.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Gx+ 562E 29PGIPW009 $2,595.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac GxT+ 56M 29PGIPW010 $2,195.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac GxT+ 56C 29PGIPW011 $2,495.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac GxT+ 56E 29PGIPW012 $2,795.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Ci 24M, C or E 29PGIPW015 $995.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac Ci 40M, C or E 29PGIPW013 $1,495.00 Add  
    Warranty Conversion for Colortrac SC 25- Converts standard Return to Depot Warranty to 1-yr Onsite Warranty 29PGIPW018 $695.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac SC 25 or SC Xpress 25M, C or E 29PGIPW019 $995.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac SC 36 or SC Xpress 36M, C or E 29PGIPW020 $1,495.00 Add  
    1 year on- site Colortrac SC 42 or SC Xpress 42 M, C or E 29PGIPW016 $1,495.00 Add  

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