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The industry workhorse document reader/sorters with flexibility and upgradability from 850-2000 documents per minute (dpm). With Capacity-on-Demand offerings, you can buy today with confidence and align future operational expenses with capacity needs.

The Burroughs high-performance NDP family offers the widest range of compatible/upgradable transports in the industry; from the NDP 850 suitable for both departmental solutions, as well as reader/sorter operations, all the way up to the NDP 2000 for high-volume check clearing.

Competitive product lines contain only a few compatible transport models with the highest capacity at 600 or 1150.
Any member of the high performance NDP family; NDP 850 and NDP 1150 can be upgraded to any higher performance level including the NDP 2000.

This enables customers to start on a low-cost platform and upgrade as their volumes or applications increase.

Maximize Your Return

The leader in providing innovative products and tools designed to improve your overall productivity

Burroughs Character Recognition Software - Utilizes multiple Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) and Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) engines to achieve industry-leading read rates with exceptional accuracy.

Image Exchange Utilities - Tools to ensure the quality and usability of images and prevent image fraud.

StatsPlus - Tools to measure and maximize platform and operator performance and to plan preventive maintenance.

Operator Video Training and Help - Transport- based multimedia instructions designed to assist the operator in operating and maintaining the transport.

Image Capture

High-quality images are essential to high recognition rates, trouble-free image exchange and dependable archive.

Burroughs transports may be configured to capture black & white, gray level or color images of the front and/or rear of each item at track speed. High resolution gray level images are often used for character recognition or special post-processing applications, such as signature verification or data-mining. Image quality suspects are flagged on black & white and gray level images in conformance to the ANS X9.100-180 standard. The transport can be stopped to resolve developing issues per customer guidelines. Images can be digitally signed to prevent undetected alteration that could otherwise occur at any point in the image's exchange or storage.

Amount Field Encode (HSEM)

The one module design creates fewer jams and requires less maintenance.

Image POD and Image Remittance demand high-speed amount encoding. The High-Speed Encode Module (HSEM) encodes amount fields and optionally transaction codes (16 characters) in either E13B or CMC7. Performance levels of 800, and 1000 dpm are available based upon the transport model.

Multi-Ink Jet Endorser (MJE)

Prints audit trail information on front, rear or both.

Multiple standard fonts are provided and multiple custom fonts may be added. Up to 15 graphics may be defined and endorsed (one per endorsement). Up to 128 characters may be printed on each document; placed in up to 8 lines (four lines for NDP 850/1150) and up to 64 character positions in each line.

IBM Coexistence

The Burroughs IBM Coexistence product, SortLogicTM enables Burroughs Network Document Processors (NDP) to coexist in an IBM host-based environment, providing "plug and play" emulation supporting all the host-based functionality of an IBM 3890/XP. This solution protects your current host software investment and can expand your capabilities by adding image archive solutions.

Burroughs Professional Check Scanner

Burroughs Professional Check Scanner    Burroughs Professional Check Scanner  

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Up to 2000 checks per minute


Up and downgradable

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 Model # NDP High Speed Sorter
 Image Resolution 240 dpi
 Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) 3000 checks (up to 3400 checks)
 Documents Per Minute (DPM) 850, 1150, 2000 checks per minute
 Power Requirements 220-240 VAC @ 50 Hz
208-240 VAC @ 60 Hz
 Communication Interface Burroughs Common API under Windows XP
 Operating Systems N/A
 Certifications UL 1950, CSA-C22.2 No.950-95 (Canada), EN60950 (Europe),
CISPR 22A (Europe), EN50082, FCC Class A (U.S.),
VCCI Class 1 (Japan), CISPR 24, ENC55022
 Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) E13B (dual read) or CMC7
 Image Compression Standards CCITT Group 4 (bi-tonal images)
JPEG baseline (for gray level and color images)
 Output Pocket  Basic 8 pocket stacker module capacity - 600 documents
 NDP 850/1150 - pockets of 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 40
 NDP 2000 - pockets of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48
 Optical Character Recognition (OCR) OCRA/OCRB alphanumeric and numeric, E13B optical
 Image Capture Image renditions available

• Bi-tonal (black/white)
• Gray level (256 gray shades)
• Color (24-bit, RGB) – NDP850/1150 only

Image resolutions available

• 240 or 200 dpi, bi-tonal
• 240, 200, 120 or 100 dpi, gray level
• 200 dpi, color (NDP850/1150 only)

Image capture combinations available

Using gray level cameras

• Front image capture (up to three images)

- 240 or 200 dpi, bi-tonal (CCITT)
- 240 or 200 dpi (high resolution), gray level (JPEG)
- 120 or 100 dpi, gray level (JPEG)

• Rear image capture (up to two images)

- 240 or 200 dpi, bi-tonal (CCITT)
- 240 or 200 dpi (high resolution), gray level (JPEG)
120 or 100 dpi, gray level (JPEG)

Using color cameras (NDP850/1150 only)

• Front image capture (up to three images)

- 200 dpi, color (JPEG)
- 200 dpi, bi-tonal (CCITT)

• Rear image capture (up to two images)

- 200 dpi, color (JPEG)
- 200 dpi, bi-tonal (CCITT)
 Document Specifications Length: 5.75" - 9.25"
Height: 2.50" - 4.25
Thickness: 0.0030" - 0.007"

 Module: Length Depth Height Weight
 Basic unit 47"
119.4 cm
92.7 cm
109.2 cm
1,010 lbs
404 kg
 8-pkt module 60"
152.4 cm
74.3 cm
109.2 cm
540 lbs
246 kg
 Image module 22.25"
56.5 cm
92.7 cm
109.2 cm
407 lbs
185 kg
 HSEM 30"
76.2 cm
92.7 cm
109.2 cm
475 lbs
215 kg
 MJE 17.2"
43.6 cm
92.7 cm
109.2 cm
350 lbs
148 kg

  • Optimal document throughput for volume-intensive payment requirements
  • Unmatched scalability in performance and pocketing
  • Burroughs “world class” quality and reliability
  • Scalable maintenance and service contracts for all of Burroughs exceptional financial hardware products

Description Mfg# Price Cart
Box of 15 cleaning cards MIS-CS1B15WS $26.00 Add
Franking cartridge (Must be ordered at the time of check scanner purchase) SSP1-F $38.00 Add
Professional Color (firmware add) SSP1-COL $83.00 Add
Professional OCR (firmware add) SSP1-OCR $94.00 Add
  • Burroughs NDP High Speed Sorter Check Scanner
Comes with standard N/A year return to depot warranty

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